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ThePultool effortlessly pops out your aligners every time and helps to easily integrate aligners into your lifestyle. Fresh pairs of aligners are always tough to remove especially with soft, short or long finger nails- don’t get hangry trying to remove them alone!

Fits in your standard Invisalign Case.

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Our mission is to give aligner patients confidence with easy, effective and beautiful tools to help them achieve the smile they deserve during aligner treatment –

No finger fishing! Be cautious when putting your fingers in your mouth during Covid-19.

One of the hardest things to get used to when undergoing aligner treatment is having to constantly put your fingers in your mouth to remove your aligners. The pul tool is a perfect companion to help remove your aligners gently and hygienically. Gone are the days where you have to scratching your gums or break­ing your nails when removing aligners. Simply engage the put tool hook on your aligner around the molar region on the inside of your mouth and slowly pull it down until the aligner is unseated. No mess, no fuss and no broken nails!

The ergonomic design is ideal for removing clear braces and aligners in the optimal manner, without damaging trays or injuring your mouth.

Material: BPA free plastic

Cleaning: Dishwasher safe

Durability: Designed to last you your whole journey.

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