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Monthly Pack:

  • 1 x AlignerBuddy Premium All Natural Lip Balm

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The journey to your perfect smile is not paved with gold. The adjustments your mouth must make during clear aligner treatment will irritate your teeth and gums, so its good to have some of these products to help you along your way.

Our Invisalign Accessories starter box is perfect for you. We’ve curated six must have products and put them in one box, saving you time and money when you’re putting your kit together.


Monthly Pack:

Aligner Seaters

Aligner chewies are a soft chewing device the size of a cotton roll that can be used by patients treated with clear aligners. The chewie provides a more comfortable and efficient method to provide a uniform force to seat the aligner properly.

They are available in several different scents. One of the most important things to remember when you’re going through aligner treatment is that the aligner only works when it’s on your teeth. And we don’t mean on, we mean ON! Because the better the aligner is seated and hugging your teeth, the better and quicker your treatment will be. The aligner seaters in your pack are small round squishy tubes that you use to chew on when you put your aligners in. They help make sure your aligner seats perfectly on your teeth and covers all your attachments. For best results, use your aligner seaters for one minute every time you put your aligner back in. The seaters do lose elasticity after a while, so be sure to purchase new ones from us when this happens.

RetainerBrite™ cleaning tablets 

Keeps Appliances Fresh. Cleans and Brightens Removable Dental Appliances. This is done while Killing up to 99% of 7 Common Odour-Causing Bacteria. At alignerbuddy we tested alot of cleaning tablets on align­ers and found that the RetainerBrite ones were by for the most effective in terms of cleaning, but also didn’t cause any negative effects on the aligners.

Premium All Natural Lip Balm x 1

One of the most common side effects of clear aligner treat­ment is very dry lips. You may find yourself trying to help this by licking your lips, but while it may help for a few minutes, the end result overall are very dry, sore and cracking or peel­ing lips. To ensure all of our buddies don’t have to suffer from this dry lip curse, we have a tube of extra nice lip balm. Not only does it smell and taste amazing, but it leaves your lips feeling mighty soft and comfortable with no pain or cracking. We recommend you use the lip balm at lease twice a day, or as needed. Just try not to get too addicted to it! It’s an alignerbuddy favourite!


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